The refreshing world of beer awaits you at WORLD OF BEER!


The refreshing world of beer awaits you at WORLD OF BEER!

Lager? Pilsner? Or maybe Weiss? Whatever your favorite beer is, the biggest beer festival in Greece is coming in May and will quench your thirst!

Birthdays with friends, concerts with your best friend, Sunday dinners with the family… The most beautiful and carefree moments are always accompanied by what else? – a cold beer! From its first sip, which welcomes you with its creamy, velvety foam, leaving a bitter magical aftertaste that cools you and quenches your thirst, all memories “ferment” in a bottle of beer…

This spring, get ready to make new memories at the coolest party! From May 10 to 12, 2024, live the unique experience of the biggest beer festival in Greece and enjoy countless types of beer from the best breweries in Greece and abroad! The strong aromas of malt, hops, flowers and citrus fruits will flood the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens for three days! At WORLD OF BEER you will discover Greek microbreweries that bottle with taste and passion and you will taste well-known and rare beer labels from all over the world! Wait for it! You will also try countless street foods to accompany your beer with a delicious burger or a hearty hot dog. There are so many options and the decision is all yours!

Trends & beer tips only at WOB Workshops

Want to taste your beer like a pro? Wondering how barrel aging is done and want to learn more about the ingredients, techniques and people behind your favorite drink? At WOB Beer Talks & Tastings you will learn all the tips from industry experts and beer sommeliers. Of course, you won’t leave empty-handed! Throughout the festival you will have the opportunity to take part in competitions in the form of Knowledge Quiz and win rich prizes!

Music Concert And Cold Beer!

And because beer and good music usually go hand in hand, get ready for an impressive and rich music program with great bands and music from well-known DJs, which you will enjoy with a cold glass of beer!

Stay tuned for more! Cheers!

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