Let’s talk about the global beer market


Let’s talk about the global beer market

Blonde, brunette, amber or black, beer has for years occupied the first place in our hearts regardless of the season. Full of aromas and surprising flavors, it is an irreplaceable habit, for most, the number 1 choice of alcoholic drink and indeed the most loved drink worldwide!

At WORLD OF BEER from May 10 to 12, 2024, live the unique experience of the biggest beer festival in Greece and enjoy countless types of beer from the best breweries in Greece and abroad!

Beer in Greece

Beer is number one on the list of the most consumed in the world and is the third most popular drink after water and tea! In Greece, the average citizen consumes 29 liters of beer annually!

Did you know that:

  • Bruges in Belgium is often called the beer capital of Europe
  • Just six brewers produce half of the world’s beer
  • The most expensive beer is in Qatar, where the average price of a 330 ml bottle is 9.56 euros
  • In South Africa the corresponding average price is 1.43 euros, making it the cheapest in the world
  • Germans are the ones who spend most of their money on beer, since they spend an average of 1,620 euros per year on its consumption
  • The highest per capita consumption is in the Czech Republic, with 468 beers per person per year
  • Greece ranks 36th among 58 countries (counting from the cheapest to the most expensive beer), with its average price estimated at 3.61 euros and per capita consumption estimated at 195 bottles per year
  • In 2022 beer production in Greece reached 565.34 million liters from 400.22 million liters in 2021, recording an increase of approximately 41%
  • Greece is the 8th largest producer of beer in the EU between 18 member states
  • In recent years in Greece, local breweries and microbreweries have been growing at an impressive rate. It is estimated that there are currently around 65 breweries in operation, in all geographical areas of the country (Mainland Greece and islands)

The history of beer

Beer is one of the oldest drinks, since references to it have been found as far back as 3000 BC. Known to all ancient peoples, it traveled from Egypt and evolved over time with each culture improving it in taste and preservation. The Greeks, for example, used hops in contrast to the Celts, who replaced it with various herbs.

In the Middle Ages, beer acquired a close relationship with Bavaria and its monasteries, since it helped the monks to endure longer the long fasts, which is why they also significantly developed the brewing process. In fact, some of the most famous international beers that we enjoy today have monastic origins. In 1516 the “purity law” was passed in Bavaria so that only barley, hops and water were used.

What is beer?

Beer is a completely natural product derived from the fermentation of cereals and additionally contains yeast, hops and water. Malt is the main cereal used. Many times, however, other cereals such as rye, rice, wheat, corn or a combination of some of the above can be used to produce malt, thus leading to the preparation of different types and offering variety of colors, flavors and aromas. More than 40,000 types of beer are produced from the combination of these 4 natural ingredients. It is said that the first beers were fortified and flavored with dates!

Types of beer

Ale: It is also called Top Fermented because during fermentation the yeast rises to the surface of the wort. Fermentation takes place at high temperatures (15-23oC) and post-fermentation takes a while. Other types of Ale are Brown (dark colored) and Golden (golden color with a mild taste, where rice or corn is added).

Dunkel: This is the name in Germany for dark-colored beers with a strong malt flavor, which occurs from prolonged roasting.

Lager: The most widespread type of beer in the world, otherwise also bottom-fermented, since the yeast undergoes sedimentation. Fermentation temperatures are from 6 to 12oC and post-fermentation takes months. Bock also belongs to bottom fermenters, which usually has around 5.7% alcohol.

Pilsner (or Pils): It is the blonde, bottom-fermented Lager with enough hops, which gives it bitterness. The name comes from the Czech city of Plzen.

Stout: Dark, frothy beer from Ireland. It is characterized by roasted malt that leaves a caramel or chocolate sensation in the mouth. In the same category are Sweet Stout, Dry Stout, Imperial Stout.

Weissbier: Subcategory of Ale with a low wheat content. It stands out for its cloudy color and the slightly sour taste created by the addition of lactobacilli.

Whatever your favorite beer is, enjoy it chilled at WORLD OF BEER!

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