What’s trending in Beer?


What’s trending in Beer?

With consumers constantly looking for trends and experimenting with new flavors, beer couldn’t be missing from the game! As the art of beer is constantly evolving and adapting, the results are more than interesting!

Discover all the trends that dominate the market lately and enjoy them all at WORLD OF BEER!

Greek Microbreweries

Where did more than 100 Greek microbreweries suddenly sprout from, from Serres to Crete? From the need to produce unique and special products that smell like Greece! Made with taste and passion, quality raw materials and imaginative labels, they have now managed to establish themselves in the domestic market, with fresh beers of limited quantity, mostly unpasteurized and unfiltered.

Beer Without Alcohol

Do you want to enjoy a cold beer but watch your diet or don’t want to drink alcohol? No problem! Alcohol-free beers on the market today stand out for their taste and are experiencing explosive growth, as they are at the center of interest for younger consumers. The latest generation of non-alcoholic beers actually have much more flavor than traditional beers, thanks to improvements in brewing technology.

Beer Cocktails

Have you tried beer cocktails? This powerful trend is a source of inspiration for bartenders, as it blends beautifully with most spirits, offering many options! How; The beer enhances the cocktail with aromas from a wide range of fruits, herbs and spices while also offering the cool and playful mood of the bubbles.


Do you love after work drinks but don’t want something heavy? Refreshing and tasty, the cider is an alcoholic, carbonated drink with 4.5% alcohol content, produced by fermenting the juice of carefully selected apples and it will surprise you with its special taste!

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